Our step-by-step engagement blueprints will help you create and sustain relationships amongst the constituencies you care about most, whether your goal is immediate-term action or building long-term grassroots capacity.

grassroots strategies

We have consulted with many associations to assure a smooth working organization that benefits every member.
At the heart of our full-service management offering is our committed team of association professionals who share a passion for serving clients. We pride ourselves on getting to know our client associations, their members, and their professions.

community and Economic Development

Our community and economic development experience provides clients with custom solutions. We live in a global market and must design competitive strategies. 

government affairs

Local, state and federal governments are can be mysterious to businesses and organizations finding themselves facing policy challenges. As the saying goes, all politics are local; frequently issues also need to be addressed on a sate or federal level.

Your Compass in Government Affairs