Our step-by-step engagement blueprints will help you create and sustain relationships amongst the constituencies you care about most, whether your goal is immediate-term action or building long-term grassroots capacity.

Online/Offline Integration
Our team can help you identify the best mix of online and offline engagement strategies that will leverage your field organizing, grasstops, marketing, and communications objectives.

Advocacy Campaigns
Our approach is honed by years of managing successful campaigns across industry sectors and by engaging diverse demographic and cultural audiences—in communities across the country. We work with clients to assess their strategic goals and consider all of the ingredients necessary for a winning campaign. Then, we use our experience in developing a strategic direction.

Coalition Building and Management
Strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and stakeholders are an important strategy for achieving a client’s goals.  We help identify and recruit strong partners, and then manage relationships and assignments from start to finish, guiding our clients toward success.

Community Relations
Building positive relationships with influencers and decision makers is vital to the success of any project, particularly those playing out in specific communities or geographies. 

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