Government Affairs

Local, state and federal governments are can be mysterious to businesses and organizations finding themselves facing policy challenges. As the saying goes, all politics are local; frequently issues also need to be addressed on a sate or federal level.

In today’s competitive market, organizations are turning to all three branches of government to create, administer and interpret laws and regulations in order to foster growth, meet their policy and fiscal goals, and generally remain vibrant in their sector. Our Public Policy and Government Relations Practice provides effective solutions and creates opportunities for clients seeking to impact federal policy and decision-making or engage in business with the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government.

Our government affairs practice is comprehensive, encompassing the full range of government relation services from direct lobbying to legislative development to securing appropriations to regulatory affairs to extensive legal services. Our firm provides clients with substantive expertise in the long-term legislative and regulatory representation of businesses, trade associations, non-profits, and educational institutions.

Success for our clients comes in the implementation of a combination of the following:

  • Monitor legislative, regulatory and judicial issues on the local, state and federal levels.
  • Monitor and report on issues and the potential impact on clients.
  • Advocate before Congress, the federal Agencies and state legislatures.
  • Review and analyze legislation and regulations.
  • Develop policy positions and provide strategic communications and issue management.
  • Develop legislative and regulatory strategies.

This real-world experience helps us understand the ever-shifting political landscape and the government maze in order to help our clients expedite issues, seize opportunities and prevent problems, present issues effectively to both officials and the public, gain support for our clients’ positions, build winning coalitions, and obtain results that matter.

The development and implementation of successful public policy strategies at the state level often includes representation with issues such as: 

  • Economic development
  • Energy policy
  • Environmental
  • Health care
  • Legislative matters
  • Procurement
  • State regulations

We design advocacy solutions for our clients in state legislatures and local government agencies. In addition to representing business interests in the states, we also work on behalf of a number of state and local governments. Municipalities and counties are continually looking at opportunities for economic development and we are equipped to provide the consultation needed.


Your Compass in Government Affairs